A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of hitting the white powdery slopes of Keystone with my buddy, Andrew. Of course after snowboarding a whopping six times, Andrew is already at my snowboarding level having done it for the past five YEARS myself. Confidence booster, eh?

The funny thing about Keystone is that I assumed it'd be a crappy mountain because it's a crappy beer....luckily it proved me wrong. MUCH better than the beer any day. #Winning!

The benefit of Andrew being around my ability level is that we could rip up the terrain park together. We encouraged each other to do bigger jumps or boxes each time we got to the park to push each other to get better so we can eventually dominate the 

Flying Tomato

one day.

It never gets old...just better and better


Please, we'll be able to do this blindfolded and backwards in a few weeks. Right, Andrew?

I'm pretty sure Keystone is at the top of my favorite mountains list that I've been to in Colorado. Vail still tops the list, but Keystone is deffffinitely a close second.

I wish I could write more but it's been a long day of classes and work...

Photos of the Dew Tour to come soon!

Lotsa love,