Turkey Day!

I'm skipping a few events so I can post about thanksgiving with our refugees around the holiday. This week, Kayla and I taught our refugees about the meaning behind Thanksgiving. It was a bit challenging with the language barrier, but we've gotten pretty good at drawing and miming. Plus, they're picking English up pretty quickly....

So this week during our ESL class, we focused on fun arts and crafts revolved around Thanksgiving, just to get us all in the spirit of the holidays.

We made turkeys out of oreos, reese's, candy corn and chocolate frosting.

They got really into it and it was great seeing how proud of themselves they were when they finished their little turkey.

Zaw Htat always reps the Giants hat now, it's awesome.

Then after we reviewed the subjects we've taught them the past few weeks, we ended the night with a good old fashioned game of "Pin the Feather on The Turkey," which of course they found to be hilarious.

Between their giggles, they would direct each other where to put the feather as they spoke in Burmese... Cheaters!

Soooo our turkey didn't end up too shabby. I know this is corny BUT I'm thankful we have such a great class and can make a difference in their lives. P.S. when we went around to say things we were thankful for, almost all of them said "I thankful for teacha!" Haaaa....we loved it!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

~ Kelsey