Charity: Water

So I was browsing some blogs that I love because of how much they inspire and motivate me...and upon wandering through Fairy Tales are True and catching up on what I've missed on Sarah's most recent posts, I saw a video that she posted for....

This video really inspired me and made me realize how many good people are out there making a difference. It reminded me, just in time to start the new quarter, about my reason for being in Colorado in this incredible Masters program that will provide me with the tools I need to make the world a better place - in any capacity I am capable.

This project has made a real, honest impact and is entirely open with every step of the process, something that I think is lacking in some charity/non-profit organizations.

I know at times I feel like there are so many causes to which I can contribute and so many people in need; how can I possibly give to everyone? 

Frankly, you can't...not unless you're Donald Trump and grow money out of your hairy earlobes.

But if this cause is something that is grabbing you, then make someone's day and give them something we all have such easy access too and often take for granted. There are two days left for this campaign.

Even if you cannot afford to contribute, at least watch the video that I linked above and share it, too, if you'd may be able to pay it forward without realizing it.

One love,