Double Dutch - WHAT!?

Yo, Trey and Macdonald, how 'bout some 'Ween pics!? I know you really don't want to see them and haven't asked me a million times to put them up, BUT I figured the world would be better a better place with documentation of a bloody Wiedman zombie and half eaten Kenzie,'re welcome world! 

Halloween this year, only about a month ago, was pretty INTENSE. Don't think I've ever described it that way but, yeah man, it was quite an accomplishment....and by accomplishment, I mean sore-the-next-day kinda thing.

After being abandoned, one-by-one, by our "friends," Trey and I stuck by our word to be Double Dutch CHAMPIONS and really made our [two person] team proud as we kept our pure, competitive bounce going all night long.

This is one of those I-don't-want-to-ask-you-random-stranger-to-take-another-picture-of-us-cause-it's-blurry-and-sucks kinda photo......just cross your eyes, focus on Abe and soak it in, you'll get the idea.

Every time I look at this picture (which is everyday, cause I replaced my "Tranny" background picture - NATHAN! - for this one instead), I focus on that checkered face painting in the background and keep squinting my eyes, hoping it will just show me his/her damn face! Yeah, I totally don't do that, but I still neeeeeeed to know whose that face is. Oh, and you guys look great.

One very serious President who looks like he just got held up at gunpoint. Relax, man, it's just a picture....that I'm going to use as blackmail one day.

"Ohhhh we're so propa, us Presidents." I really just want to boomerang your hats at the same time. They'll totally come back, unless they boom-her-ang into each other. Too much?



Right before we took this picture, Nick made sure to note that he "loves us" and then....No, I can't lie. He LOATHES that saying and I'll never pretend he said it, no never, Nick. KEEP LOVING ME.

Weekend at Bernie's dance, Trey? WHY has this come up so often lately!? Show us the money.

We scared our competitors so bad, they named us Champions before we even doubleddd our dutch. Yup.

And then there was Tara Dactyl.

Nuff said.

You're welcome, Old Married Couple. You know who I'm talkin' to.