Five Things

{Denver frost in the morning}

I'm finally home in New York for the holidays and it's always a great feeling when you're back somewhere you didn't realize you missed so much being away. After a snowstorm hit Denver the day before my flight, the county decided to suck at plowing and make it nearly impossible for anything to run on schedule. My flight was delayed by two hours but it was nothing three friends (randomly happened to be on the same flight, too), beer and wings couldn't fix. So the delay turned out to be more fun than a typical airport experience should, but hey, I was with New Yawkuz...whaddaya expect!?

You probably won't believe me when I say I have several....yes, more than posts ready to go for the next few [week]days. I just have soooo many mountain pictures, it's about damn time I share them with all of you. Just to hold you over, here are five things that have made me happy recently that I would just loveeee to share.

{Cranberry rose bouquet inspiration}

{Evening debauchery}

{Dew Tour 2011....oh and yeah, that's Shawn White. He jumped over my head.....TWICE.}

{Cinnamon buns. NUFF SAID.}

Get your butt back here Monday for some sweet pictures of the Rocky Mountains.....

For now, Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah/Hanukkah!

One love,