Five Things

{Carlo's Bake Shop, Hoboken, NJ = Cake Boss's Domain}

This past week I was lucky enough to be able to take a trip home to New York for Christmas. One of the first nights back, my family, some family friends and I met in Hoboken, New Jersey for a hearty catch-up meal together followed by some faaaaabulous dessert. Like a boss.

I ran around town like a mad woman trying to see friends, family and neighbors during my brief visit. It was such a strange feeling knowing I was on "vacation" at home but would be leaving soon to go back to "real life." Interesting swap, but it was long overdue. Didn't really get to rest but, hey, I'll just sleep when I'm dead.

{Dude's sweet hat in the airport. Don't even ask, of course I called 'em.}

{Incredible view of NYC from the GW Bridge on our way to Hoboken. We actually drove through Englewood, NJ on our way there. It's the same name of the little 'burb Nick and I live in in Denver}

{Seein' ma girls actin' all

Sex and the City

. It's been a while, we really had to catch up like Carrie and her gang does over a glass of something sophisticated. We opted for beer.}

{Remembering how perpetually fabulous (and SO damn expensive) Manhattan is...part of me misses it's sass, part of me actually enjoys clean air and nice people out West.}

Back in Denver and by the luck of the draw, I'm enjoying some shockingly wonderful 60 degree weather. Oh yes, NY, suck it. Enjoy that 10 degree wind chill.