Super [A]-Basin

Two weeks or so ago, some friends from home/college came to visit. Being in Colorado, of course I had to whisk them away to the mountains and take them on the glorious slopes of the west. A-Basin was our first stop.

Nicki Minaj

 named this mountain, by the way, cause it's cold, it's dope....

It was the first day of the season that I was able to snowboard and it was awesome having friends from home join my friends from school in our season opener.

Let me tell you, I need to keep a quarter jar for how many times I think, "Damn, these mountains are incredible." I wish I could say I'd be rich then, but the jar would be filled with I.O.U.'s sooo... scratch that.

This young strappin' feller........snapped his pole the first run. Rim rim rim, Trey. Way to go.

God, are you there? It's me, Kelsey.

Yeah, it's me. Now stop looking into the sun and check out that skier you're about to slam into.


Loyola, how much would it take to let Freg move to Colorado!? I don't have it, but I'll find a bank that does.


Not gonna lie, when I saw this "Mountain Bowl" sign, I thought of that old school yo mama joke...."yo mama's so fat she brought a spoon to the super bowl." I'm sure it's still funny to some kid somewhere.


Mountains, quit bein' so dramatic.

Pensive? Or just wind burn?

Wind burn.

A little sepia for Mr. Johnson. 

The original Teebo. Sorry, Broncos, your Tebow doesn't look this fine. 

So, Liz, when you come back to Colorado from the French Alps....who am I kidding? You're not coming back.

Oh hey professional skier, teach me how to do those crazy tricks, please...sans the brain gash. Okay?

Undrea. Where's your



Most of the gang at the summit. Shockin' hallers, like ballers.

Hope everyone's Christmas was filled with lots of love, hugs and cupcakes...

Boom badoom, boom.

~ Kelsey