Vail Obsession

Once I got my first kick of Colorado mountains, the addiction immediately set in. Before Nathan and Katie (seen above) started their real life grown up jobs, we decided to venture out to Vail and see what it was all about.

As soon as I saw the village, I was immediately obsessed. It was so dainty and welcoming as we walked from the parking garage to the chair lift over little bridges and passed ice sculptures. 

It was Nathan's first day skiing since he was little and he was a little nervous but did a great job of getting back into it...just like riding a bike. He was zipping down the mountain no problem by the end of the day.

There's nothing better than a nice wide open slope with barely anyone else there. It's like you have the mountain to yourself. Momentary luxury!

Andrea, also in my Masters program, joined us for the day and man, let me tell you the speed on those girl's skis is unreal. She kept me on my toes all day trying to keep up (And heels too for that matter....get it? Cause I snowboard toe-side/heel-side. Yeah, not that funny. Bahh.)

So terribly ugly. I'm sorry I'm subjecting you to this.

Again, it's painful on the eyes, I know.

One thing I love about hitting the slopes with friends, is that every time you go you're likely to go with someone else making the experience different each trip.

So serene. I cannot wait to be back out west. Sorry, New York, it's been fun, but look what you're missing.

It was such a beautiful day, we really couldn't have asked for better weather. It was gorgeous out.

It's funny because you sweat while you're zooming down the slopes from the sun being so warm but then freeze on the lifts cause the breeze sneaks its way under your layers. It's a difficult cycle. #firstworldproblems.

I should stop including so many mountain pictures, but I just can't help myself. They're nauseatingly beautiful.....altitude can do that to ya.


We live on a cool freakin' planet. Don't we?

My little pro skier amongst the evergreens.

Far away.....

....up close. Boom!

Mehh, I s'pose I needed a hiney picture. And I know you wanted one too, Maher.

Dear Grandma, here's a post card I bought for you....oh no wait! Didn't buy this one. Home made, say whaaaat!? I'm acting like Michael Scott right now, I'll cool it (but if you want a copy of my poser post card, let me know).

Like a little German gingerbread house! Reason #1-8 why I'm obsessed with the Vail village.

Nate-dawg. You lookin' pretty fly!

Heading back to Colorado today. Siyonara, New York! It's been fun.

Catch ya on the flip side,