Dew Tour: Breck

Well it's about time I got back to this old thang, right? It's been quite a while since I've had the time (or energy) to focus on my blog and I know I have some very upset readers (Laura Renee Bronner) but I won't call them out.

I spent some time this weekend editing my photos and uploading new ones so there's plenty of material to share with everyone interested in the upcoming days/weeks.

So, a few weeks ago, my friends Christina, Ben and I drove up to Breckenridge to see the Dew Tour. I was gonna go alone even if no one wanted to tag along (cause it's 


 sick of an event), but I managed to convince these two to join and they were deffffinitely glad they did. 

Breckenridge has the LARGEST half pipe in the world. Pretty gnarly, huh!?

The crowd was pretty rambunctious


colorful but we were surrounded by really great vibes all day.

Shaun White competed that day and, of course, did some INsaaane tricks. His jumps are measured to be well above all of the other boarders, which seems pretty obv in this picture. Crazy man!

Saucy red hair + super human talent = flying tomato

Winner winner, chicken dinner

The female winners...

Throwin' tomatoes at the crowd. 

That night there was a snowboarding ramp competition for amateurs, which was suuuper cool. Since I'm barely a legal adult height, I couldn't really see over the crowd but I at least caught this snapshot by standing on my toes and jumping up and down. So sad.

Frozen in time..aka..tourists