Easter ATVing

Happy Easter!.....in June. Ha, these pictures are way late, but it's from the trip my family took to visit me during Easter vacay this spring. My dad couldn't come last minute, but we had enough fun for him during their trip out to Denver. Since my fam is into snowmobiling and there was definitely NO snow (don't let the tops of the mountains lie to you) this spring, we decided to go ATVing in the wilderness of Colorado.

These pictures make us look way too happy, btw. The guy who took us on this was really good at telling us to "say cheese." Embarrassing.

Oh, and we were FILTHY by the end of this ride...as you can see from our glowing faces below.

My little brother, Timmy, is A. a super weird kid and B. obsessed with beef jerky. He was shocked to see how many exotic flavors of jerky Colorado had to offer. We were kinda scared of them and Santa selling them.

That's Amurica.

And, Al, my mom, gets her own company for her pits. Bravo, mother.

Hasta la vista!