Pike's Peak

Sooo, before I can put any new travel pictures or stories up here, I have to catch up on my adventures from last quarter. The last few weeks of school were absolutely insane and I don't know how I survived. But low and behold, I made it through and am now hanging out in Accra, Ghana for my field placement this summer!

Anyways, about this post....a few months ago, my childhood friends Meaghan and Morgan came to visit me in Denver. Morgan brought her loverboy/boyfriend, Noah, along for the trip -- he's super outdoorsy so he lovvved it. We took a trip down to Colorado Springs to hike all 14,114 feet of Pike's Peak. HA...okay we drove to the top, but we still got to the summit! Then we got some awesome barbecue grub to fill our famished selves then ended the day in Fort Collins over a self-guided beer tour (The breweries were closed so we planted ourselves at Tap 'n' Handle for their grand opening and tried our own variety of brewskis). Overall, I think they had a pretty phenom time, I know I did!