BST New Belgium Brewery Tour

BST homies! I know it's been years since this tour, but I finally found internet that won't cut out after 60 seconds in Ghana that kept up long enough to let me upload these long overdue photos. I want to make sure I catch up on posts from Colorado before I left for Africa to make sure it's all in order. Anal retentive!

Any who... a few months ago, our manager, Lindsay, at the bar I work at (Blake Street Tavern) in Denver organized a brewery tour for the bartenders. We got to tour most of the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins on a day it was closed so we were the only ones there, aka VIP! We got to ride bikes to lunch (fat burritos) and pretty much tried new beers all day.

The day was pretty awesome except now I'm just mad that most of you stinkers don't work at BST anymore :(