Garden of the Gods

Back in the spring when Arlee and Ryan visited, we made sure to be ultimate "Colorado" while they were there. We went white water rafting, rock climbing, brewery touring...the whole nine. Since I had never been to Colorado Springs before, we decided to venture south and see what it was all about.

We stumbled through Garden of the Gods and it was, as the pictures will show, absolutely breathtaking. It was like a playground for grownups...aka we thought we were kids. We absolutely ignored the "No Climbing" signs and warnings cause it was too cool there not to. It's like going to a zoo and not being able to pet the animals, psshtt. We were fine, Mom and Dad. No one lost a limb.

After a strenuous afternoon of playing and exploring, we went to a cute little town nearby and got the best crepes e-v-e-r, followed up by ice-cream and beer. Gooood day. That night we went back to Denver and moseyed downtown for some evening fun. Meanwhile, this was all in the middle of my finals week, oops! Needless to say, it was one of my favorite weeks since moving out west.

We found a God in the Garden, Arledites.

Can you see us?

Where's Waldo?


~ Kelsey