The Color Run!

I can barely contain myself with the consistent and FAST internet we've got here at my house in NY. It's like I was living under a rock in Ghana because I could barely connect for longer than 5 minutes, no exaggeration. That last brewery tour post I put up took over 2 hours to upload the pictures at an internet cafe in Accra. So, essentially, I just gave up on trying to connect with the world. But I'm back and ready to bombard you all with a couple thousand photos! You better be excited.

Before I get to Africa, I still (of course) have some left over pictures to put up from before I departed to the land fa-fa-away. Back in the spring, my friends Arlee and Ryan came out to visit me in Colorado and happened to perfectly coordinate their trip with the Color Run in Denver. In light of the recent colorful 5k kicking off in NYC, I decided to finally put up the photos those two are itching to see.

We had way too much fun and probably got way too into it, if that's even possible. I have to say, though, the shower following the race was more exhausting than the run itself. We had to scrub our skin raw cause the color ran deeeeep. Worth it! I highly recommend this eccentric event and will 100% be out there next year. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e.

{Pre-race. Nice and clean....not for long.}

{The Smurfs!}

{The colored powder was actually edible. I wouldn't be surprised if we ingested a few pounds of it.}