A Day in London

After a few days in the land of kilts, I got to pass through London for the day before my next flight. A nice young lad I knew as a wee girl (Scottish accent there)...okay, just kidding...my close pal, Michael Montrose, was still living in London when I was passing through and I was lucky enough to get to spend the day with him!

Fortunately, I had gotten to see him back in March when I went over during spring break so we wanted to do something we hadn't done when I visited last time. In the spirit of the upcoming Olympics, we decided to mosey on down to the Olympic Village and check it out. We had a quite lovely afternoon enjoying tea and crumpets (English accent here)...psych...burritos and Coronas! It was great to catch up and just hang out in a new part of London I had never seen before.

{The funny thing was that the village wasn't really even finished yet and they had about a month left to get it done. International procrastinators!}

{This lucky guy right here got to see an Olympic basketball and volleyball game. I think he's dating Misty Mae now.}

{Sometimes we just can't help ourselves}

{These were just cool. I bet Pinterest already has it covered.}

{My brotha from anotha motha}

{Sorry, England, black pudding just doesn't do it for me like burritos do}

{Ugh, I miss you, Nacho}


{Tons of people were out hustlin' and bustlin' that day. The village definitely had an awesome vibe.}

{I eventually had to say my goodbyes and head to the airport...time to fly!}

Thank you, Nacho, for such an awesome day in London! 

Now that you're stateside again, get your butt out to Colorado!

Love always,