The Netherlands (Part 2)

Oh, Holland, you're so magical. Just thinking back to my time there makes me smile. I'm so lucky to have been able to explore such an incredible country. Here are some more photos from my trip...

{Bikes everywhere :)}

{Just adorable}

{If you look closely, you can see the stoplights for the boats on the canals}

{As I mentioned in my

previous post

, Vermeer is the artist who painted

The Girl with the Pearl Earring


{We stopped for some sidewalk European}

{Treating ourselves before heading to Ghana}

{My awesome Aunt Kathy}

{Could it get any cuter?}

{Even the alleys are adorably quaint}

{I think this says something about John having beautiful hair, haha}

{Basically, Delft is a must if you're ever in The Netherlands}

{After visiting Delft, my Aunt took us to a beautiful picturesque scene with several windmills that I'm pretty sure are houses, too}

{This sassy cat followed us around...I think she's the "watch cat"}

{Once Liyam loved her, she let us wander around her territory}

{I feel like I've seen these windmills on Pinterest; they're gorgeous}

{After seeing the windmills, we rode bikes -- doing as the Dutch do -- to the beach to watch the sunset}

{Purrrrfect timing!}

{Obviously we needed the cliche jumping picture}

 Onto the next day....Amsterdam!!

{Weird, there's more bikes}

{Liyam and I jumped on one of these boats to do a canal tour}

{Afterwards, we wandered around the city and saw some pretty interesting things...}

{Had to go in, couldn't help myself. It was half hilarious, half terrifying. The pictures are definitely too inappropriate to post, but super amusing.}

{National pride!}

{I always thought working for the UN would be interesting. Now I just have to make sure I know what's in the job description.}

{We went into the Anne Frank House for a while; it was a pretty indescribable experience. Certainly a place worth visiting since it's so rich in history and so touching.}

{Later on, Liyam went to a museum while Elisa and I went into the Heine brewery}

{It was the coolest brewery I've ever been to, hands down}


{Cutie patootie}

{So good}

{They call her the "Beer pouring hero"}

{I mean, for real? You could watch all of the Heineken commercials throughout history in these sick pod chairs}

{When we walked out of the brewery, it had rained cats and dogs}

{So we stopped for more Dutch beer, of course}

{Our fabulous tour guide being a rockstar}

{The skinniest house in....the world? Can you even see it?}

{We stumbled upon some sweet street art}

{And an awesome art studio}

{This just made me smile}

Hope you enjoyed! Next stop: Portugal!

Peace out,