Lisbon, Portgal (Part 2)

{Castle of Sao Jorge}

To continue with the

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, Liyam and I spent the rest of our day wandering around Lisbon trying to find our hostel. Liyam (love youuu) doesn't exactly have the best sense of direction, so it was pretty funny following her through a city she's been to before and ending up farther and farther from where our hostel was. Since we had nowhere to be and no deadlines to meet, it was awesome just meandering anywhere with no need to go one way or another. We eventually found our way just in time for a quick siesta and met our hostel friends ready to hit the town for the major fiesta (ha).

{Ha! Asia meets Portugal!}

{We found ourselves in this spot for lunch...I


it'll do}

{JK, it totally rocked}

{One of our last meals before heading to Africa}

{View from our hostel room}

{The main family room at the Lisbon Destination Hostel}

{Our hostel had two locations so we headed over to the other one where the party apparently had already started}

{Laura, our hostel 'guide,' took us over to the other hostel location and ended up partying with us all night long}

{Our international family that night:

Laura - Romania; Maiara - Brazil; Nedzmedin - Finland; Liyam - Arizona; Mikael - Finland}

{I'm pretty sure we all made a pact we'd visit each other in our respective countries one day}

{Most of my pictures that night are horribly blurry, but I was able to salvage a few worth posting}

{Laura and Mikael}

{Maiara, me and Nedzmedin all being very serious}

{Every single street was like this, it was awesome}

{Our new crazy Finnish buddies who we're


going to visit soon. Right, Liyam?}

{They take late night snacking very seriously}

{She started licking a lot of things that night, it was really weird. Bahaha, jk}

{So Nedzmedin thought it'd be a great idea not to wear shoes all night. His feet were clean and unstepped on. Not.}

{The next day, we found ourselves back in Largo do Carmo as we attempted to find a recommended restaurant}

{We found some dainty alleys with picturesque balconies on the way}

{...and remnants from the night before, along with a crazy street sign}


{We found it! We ate a very strange lunch here just before our flight to Accra.}

{If anyone can tell me what these things are, cause I definitely can't remember, then I'll send you a virtual high five}

{And that's our check. In a urine cup. Yup, a urine cup.}

{They must drug test people there or something...after lunch? God knows what was in that food.}

{Finding our way back to the hostel to grab our bags and head to the airport}

 Lisbon showed us a great time - a night we'd never expect to be so unforgettable.

We were so lucky to have met such good friends, too! Gotta love the perks of staying in random train station hostels.


Kelsey :)