Lisbon, Portugal (Part 1)

{Flying into Lisbon}

What happens when the world is on your side? You get to stay a day and a half in Lisbon instead of six hours. Liyam and I lucked out like nobody's business. We were supposed to have a six hour layover in Lisbon between The Netherlands and our flight to Ghana, however, our connecting flight was canceled and we had to take the same flight the next day. Awww darn. 

Well, it just so happened that the night we were going to


to stay in Lisbon was the night of Europe's biggest street party...the Eve of St. Anthony (Santo Ant


nio). On this night, Lisbon turns into a HUGE open air party throughout all of the ancient neighborhoods. While walking around, you see people drinking and eating in the streets and tons of decorations strung across balconies. Everyone was so happy and we had an absolute blast. We met a bunch of awesome people from different countries at the hostel we stayed at and became a little family for the night. We stuck together all night and partied like we knew each other for years.

{The hostel we stayed at was actually in Rossio train station and it rocked}

{View from the hostel bathroom}

{Rossio Square, just outside our hostel/train station}

{Yo sick car, bro}

{A purple hotel, of course}

{Liyam and I roamed the streets of Lisbon for HOURS...I feel like we saw every nook and cranny. So worth it.}

{The higher we went, the better the views got}

{We went up in the Lisbon Tower and got to see a sick panorama of the city}

{It was a bizarre looking tower from the outside, almost like the elevator in the Tower of Terror. BUT, it actually turned out to be really intricate on the inside}


Castle of São Jorge}

{Why yes, I'd love to putt on my rooftop greens}

{Sweet view of Rossio Square}

{The Carmo Convent -- Convento da Ordem do Carmo. It was apparently ruined in the 1755 Lisbon Earthquake. Even though there were no gargoyles, I felt like it had this strangely ominous vibe around it.}

{Me & Muh gurl}

{So quaint}

{Largo do Carmo, an adorable little square near The Carmo Convent. It had a peaceful, calm atmosphere with charming cafes. Great for a lazy day stroll.}

{The laundry hanging out to dry everywhere was exactly what I'd imagine the streets of Lisbon to look like. No clue why, but it really added charm to the city's character.}

{I'm always drawn to street art, it's an addiction. "Nothing gonna stop the flow."}

{"Lose your eyes, open your mind." Check it!}

{Lovvvvve Lisbon}

{The intricacies of the architecture officially initiated my obsession with seeing more of Europe. Crap, what an expensive obsession.}


{Comercio Square - Pra


a do Comercio)

{I want to time travel SO BADLY and see this place in it's hay day}

{After wandering for a while, Liyam and I stopped for a much needed Ginginha/Ginjinha shot, a sour cherry liqueur -- a Portuguese favorite}

{The Ginjinha was poured into a chocolate cup that made the fruit infused liqueur terrrrribly delicious}

{So cultured}


{More roaming}

{I think we found paradise}

{People started preparing for the evening festivities, like this man. He was getting his sardine shop ready}


{Vasco da Gama Bridge as seen from the 

Castle of São Jorge}

{Hi Mom!}

{Can you spot the convent I mentioned earlier!?}

{I mean, if I could go back in time and see this cannon in action...ugh, come on hot tub time machine! I wanna see old history alive in person.}

{More rooftop greens}

{We really lucked out with great weather that day}

{Reminds me of a blooming onion, haha}

{Strolling around the castle}

{Oh, just found a pretty little peacock}

 That was part 1....come back for part 2 for the Eve of Saint Anthony partayyy.


~ Kelsey