In Between

Instead of flying from Albuquerque to Phoenix, Em and I decided [as per usual] to take the long way and drive from state to state to see more of the Southwest's hidden secrets.

We hit up the "natural trifecta" of Northern Arizona:  Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, and Horseshoe Bend at the Grand Canyon.  These places may not seem like secrets, per se, but they were places we didn't originally plan to see (or really knew too much about at all) and damn, I was impressed.

While we were there, Obama came and named this big ass lake after me....It was really sweet.  They now call it

Lake Powell

 - I didn't want it to be Lake Kelsey because it feels right to share it with my whole family.  The CIA wouldn't let me take pics of the Big Man, but you guys should've seen it...  What a ceremony!

After seeing some of Arizona's eye candy, we headed South and stopped to enjoy an ice-cold beer in good ol' Flagstaff, AZ.  That night we made it to Phoenix/Scottsdale just as the sun was setting and reunited with our homie, Kat Vasquez, for some


interesting fun.

Peace, love, and cacti,