Scottsdale Hit Us Like A Wrecking Ball

Picture this: Emily, Kat (the friend we visited in Scottsdale/Phoenix) and myself eating breakfast discussing our options for the day's activities.  As Emily flips through a popular magazine and I sip on hot tea, Kat casually mentions that Miley Cyrus is in town and remarks how funny it would be to see her concert that night.  Laughing it off and not taking her seriously, we continue on with planning our day, sans Miley as a priority.

Emily and I go on to explore Old Town and walk around the eclectic shops of downtown Scottsdale.  Kat later meets up with us as we make our way from out-door patio to out-door patio, enjoying the warm weather as much as possible.

The options for our night are laid out for our choosing.  With a strange, yet intriguing curiosity, we decide to just "swing by" the venue at which Miley is putting on her show.  In under three minutes, scalpers approach us and, having set our frivolous limit to a max of $50 for this concert, we end up making out with $20 tickets for each of us laughing hysterically at how this is panning out.

Not only do we get a parking spot right in front of the venue, but we also find out the meter is set to "Free Parking."  How could we not go check out Miley freakin' Cyrus?

No joke, one of the best concerts I've ever seen.  

Home girl knows how to put on a good show.

Miley fan club just earned three new members and we ain't ashamed.

I should probably mention we also went to a Rockies v. Diamondbacks Spring Training Game.

We met some awesome locals and spent the night bar-hopping and seeing the crazy night scene Scottsdale has to offer.  Scottsdale parties harder than I could've imagined.  I'll leave out the disastrous, yet comical, details of the evening, but know we had a fantastic time.

Everyone has a little Miley in them; embrace it.