Hawaii {Part One}: Oahu


Who really goes to Hawaii for ten days before they move to Australia?  Really?  Those who need a good friendymoon, that's who.  Em & I had a blast visiting friends in the Southwest and the Northwest, but we took a little time for ourselves to be selfish and relax before one of the biggest transitions of our lives.

 Our first stop was Oahu where we stayed in a hostel near Waikiki Beach.  Just because we "did Hawaii" does not mean we were lavish by any means.  Don't be fooled!  We watched our pennies, but also made sure to enjoy ourselves in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

 We dropped our bags in our room and cut to the chase: 

margaritas and tacos!

 Then we hit the beach to soak up some much needed rays after our chilly time in the Northwest.

 I'd been dreaming about this moment for months...feet in the sand, shoulders in the sun and laughing tirelessly with my best friend.

The next day, we decided to drive around the island in hopes of finding the hot spots our seasoned friends had suggested.

Before we really found the mainstream excitement, we pulled down a road that looked promising.  Not only did we find a gorgeous waterfront, but the best part was that we had it all to ourselves.  Well, there was one fisherman and later a honeymooning couple with which we happily shared the sand.

Did I mention we had a ridiculous car on each island?  

Car #1: Our Smart Car baby.  

Oh, and it was a convertible.  Did you know that convertible Smart Cars even existed?  Yeah, neither did we.

Time for lunch: Coconut Shrimp and an ice cold Wailua Wheat

Can't forget dessert: Famous Matsumoto's Shave Ice


couldn't pick a flavor...so we got all of them. #kickass

Next, we chilled on the North Shore watching pro surfers for a few hours.  Rough on the eyes, I have to say.

We also decided to "do less" at the Turtle Bay hotel where

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

was filmed.

"Ohhhh, the weather outside is weather"

On our ride back around the other side of the island, we were told by many a folk to hike to the notorious Lanikai "Pillboxes."

Talk about scenic and breathtaking.

Corny, but when we sat on those pillboxes it was the most opportune time to chill, contemplate the beauty of life, and share many appreciative moments for our fortunate experiences.

Sometimes it's hard to put overwhelming feelings into words, but that's not something a bit of crazy dancing can't fix.

Afternoon snack: garlic shrimp from the one of the most famous shrimp shacks in Oahu.

Suck, peel, dip, eat, go to heaven.

On our last day, we made sure to take some time to visit the naval base at Pearl Harbor where the infamous attacks occurred approximately 73 years ago.

I'm not terribly superstitious, but I have to say Pearl Harbor gave me an eerie feeling of spirits surrounding us.  It was a heavy experience, but an important element to visiting Hawaii in order to pay tribute to those who were lost there.

"Dear Lord,

Lest I continue

My complacent way,

Help me to remember that somewhere,

Somehow out there

A man died for me today.

As long as there be war,

I then must

Ask and answer

Am I worth dying for?"

~Eleanor Roosevelt's Wartime Prayer

After visiting Pearl Harbor, we had the urge to take advantage of the sunshine and hike again.  We were told Diamond Head was a spectacular view from the top, so we ventured to the "volcanic cone" to see what all the fuss was about.

Okayyyy, we get it.

Diamond Head is a volcanic crater that formed approximately 200,000 years ago leaving it to be one of the youngest of the Hawaiian volcanic series.

Cheers to the best friendymoon a girl can get!

Just taking a little stroll through an open field after our hike...listening for the gunshots we could hear from the set of Hawaii Five-O not too far away.

Since it was our "gala night" (what my Mom names the last night of a trip as an excuse to celebrate the experience) on Oahu, we decided the best way to "paint the town red" was to go on a sunset cruise off Waikiki Beach.

We had a terrible time.

Then they gave us adult beverages, so things got a little better.

Wouldn't be a complete booze cruise if it didn't include a very important Titanic moment.

All in all, we had a pretty sensational time in Oahu.  We reckon we kicked off our Hawaii experience pretty aggressively, but were ready for the next island: Kauai!

Thanks for reading, homies!