Hawaii {Part two}: Kauai

I'm so glad we island hopped when we visited Hawaii, because each island had its own feel and personality, so to speak.  Oahu felt a bit more mainstream, though beautiful and lively.  Kauai, maybe because we had a more local experience, felt more natural and humble.

When we landed in Kauai, we headed to the rental car terminal expecting an ugly, grey Ford or even a single door sedan seeing as we chose the cheapest option.  I mean, all we needed was a vehicle to get us from here to there.  Well, when you have an habit of befriending the Budget representatives at the counter while they set up your rental, they tend to like that and give you a bad ass b*tch mobile.  Smart car to gangster jeep.  How can a girl complain?

We decided that in Kauai we would try out the "

Air BnB

" experience and see what it was all about.  Evan, our host, was just about the perfect person to have chosen to stay with for our first time in Kauai.  We had so much fun, in fact, we almost decided to stay on Kauai longer and shorten our time in Maui.

If there's a hazing process for being initiated into the I've-experienced-Kauai club, it's being rolled around in the mud via truck bed with a group of new amigos -- these are some of our new pals, Tim & Kristen.

Second phase of hazing is jumping off a waterfall only locals seem to know about.

Shannyl was my cliff jumping buddy; we ain't scared of no rushing waterfall, boys.

The next day, we ventured out to the Na Pali Coast to check out Waimea Canyon per Evan's suggestion...

I'm not entirely sure how something this stunning can exist on our planet, however, I'm not going to question it.   You think you'd get used to this beauty, but I'm almost positive that's an impossibility.

Evan also pointed us in the direction of one of his favorite spots tucked away on a hidden trail.

Needless to say, we chilled there for hours without a single interruption.

Talk about a great date spot for our friendymoon.

I'll probably have to show this spot to my future husband one day.  

That's part of the deal, man..live with it.

Just a chicken crossing the road.

Once we had some well enjoyed alone time at our clandestine friendymoon hideaway spot, we moved on to Wai'ale'ale - one of the wettest places on Earth.

Instead of making an inappropriate joke about this exotic Hawaiian spot, I'm just going to mention how grateful I am that we got to experience it on a bright, sunny day.  I'll store the impolite comedic jokes in my head to ensure this blog remains PG for all viewers :)

As the sun sunk its way towards the horizon, we chased the dwindling light down to the beach with a picnic dinner and satisfying six pack.

Sorry, Mom, I got a little sunburned.  Viva la shorts tan!

On our last day, hangovers and all, we drove the Eastern coast to go check out Hanalei Bay.  For some reason, a hangover just doesn't feel as bad in Hawaii as it does anywhere else.  I think there's Hawaiian voodoo magic in the drinks.

Of course we had to stop for some fresh sushi before heading to the airport.  Ain't passin' that up.

Had to get a quick pic with our bad ass b*tch mobile.

Wish our time didn't go by so quickly in Kauai, but I know it's a spot I'll definitely be revisiting in the future.

Thanks for the fun and hospitality, Evan & friends!  You made our experience quite unforgettable.  Your Australian gifts will be in the mail soon :)

Peace, love, and tequila,