To be completely honest, we may have had the most chill week in Sydney of any visitors to ever pass through (with the exception of the Queen).  After a month of traveling in the U.S., a long, hysterical flight down under, and some over-exhausted wallets, we were cool with a bare minimum experience.

The hostel we stayed at was about a fifteen minute walk from Darling Harbor.  Oh wait, we have to be fancy's


in Australia.  We need to put "u's" in words that don't ordinarily have them and add an extra "i" to aluminum so it can be pronounced 


(I've been lectured several times already).  My computer actually refuses to allow "aluminium" to remain without autocorrecting with one less vowel.  It needs time to acclimate. 

Since we stayed close enough to the "harbour" we were able to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge almost every day.

The weather always seemed to be beautiful and the Harbour was constantly dazzling with life.

I've been very lucky to have already visited Sydney in 2005 on a Student Ambassador trip with a crazy group of kids from different parts of New York.  My memory of the trip is blotchy, but what I'll never forget is how much fun I had with those goons and how fortunate I am to still have some of them in my life.

It's an odd thing to come back to a distant place you've been to before, especially when you have a new way of looking at life.  I have a different way of appreciating things and I've realized some major shifts in what is important to me now versus what used to matter when I was younger.  It's a pretty compelling sensation.

Anyways, seeing as we were still funemployed upon arrival, Em & I had to make sure that we took advantage of our time off.  This consisted of local beer tasting, live music, and long days on the beach.  We managed to survive.

If you've never been to Sydney, I highly recommend the journey.  I can imagine people feel similarly about the awe of seeing the Sydney Harbour as they do when they visit Times Square for the first time.  I'm not entirely jaded by Manhattan's sparkle, even after living there for the majority of my life, but seeing a faraway landmark in person such as the Opera House really took my breath away all over again.

So, I won't go into the details, but this bridge was the focal point of my college essays back when I was applying to schools.  I used to be wildly afraid of bridges, but climbing this one initiated the process of overcoming that fear.  Who am I kidding?  I was crapping my pants the whole bridge climb and I had no choice but to keep walking (Mary Kate & Ashley are both to blame


deserve all the credit for helping me through).

This photo is the perfect segue to mention a pretty little lady I finally got to reunite with in Australia. My love, upside down twerk partner, and main wolf pack member, Miss Rachel Keeter.  My heart just gets all warm and fuzzy thinking about our time together here.

After the wolf pack trio got a few days of exploring CBD under our belts (the Central Business District), we ventured out to the nearby beaches, Bondi & Manly, two of Sydney's most famous surf spots. 

Rach introduced us to her friends, Stacy & Kyle, who were hanging out and catching some waves in Manly.

We really wanted to fit in with the locals whilst also making complete asses of ourselves, so we thought attempting to surf would be the best way to accomplish that.

I WILL become a good surfer.  I WILL DO IT.

Handstands in honor of our mutually favorite yogi...#yogaeverydamnday

Kyle & Stacy took us out in Manly that night and we had a blast at a place called


, a bar upstairs from

Hotel Steyne

that only served rum, cider & live music.  We would have never found the intimate, candle-lit spot on our own, which makes me even more grateful they brought us there.

Buzzed on a few drinks and high on life, we rode the ferry back to Darling Harbour through the peaceful and allegedly shark-ridden waters.

The next day, we had another friend to meet, Mr. Will de Lima.  It's a long, windy road to how we know Will, but ultimately, he was an awesome host and tour guide for another day of fun in Sydney.

Oh, and this was our Italian waiter who took a photo of himself instead of us....intentionally.

Andddd another lap around the Harbour we go.

To make sure we got a real feel for the Sydney beaches, we took a day trip to Bondi... of, ya know, 

Bondi Rescue

!?  Adding to the excitement of the day, I got to see one of my old college pals, Chelsea, from undergrad at Loyola!  What a treat yo!

Chels has spent the last few years living in Asia (Thailand & South Korea) and now lives in Sydney with her boyfriend; she's rollin' like a big shot.  It makes me so happy that Loyola gave us a foundation to do these things with our lives and be able to connect with each other on the other side of the world years after we were Freshmen hall mates.

We don't usually look this good, but when we do...I post it for the world to see.

Oh, I'm pickin' up what you're throwin' down, Australia.

First baseball game ever hosted in Australia: 

Arizona Diamondbacks vs. LA Dodgers

(We were really close to actually getting into the game....did we fool you!?)

We just sat outside the stadium in the grass, listened to the cheers, and had life chats.  It was the next best thing for us


 our bank accounts. 

#pathetic #Idontevenchair

One triple feature movie day, too, please.


Wolf pack OUT,