Brisbane, Byron & Human Pyramids

First things first, our trip kicked off with this interesting sight at the airport.  Let's discuss...

I know we're in Australia and all, but two guys wearing UGG boots on their way north (where it's warm) together and 


Absolutely amazing.

Mates, I don't know if you know, but you look beyond fantastic.

Okay, just needed to get that out of my system.  For any of you thinking of trying this look. PLEASE go for it.....'s like the male version of a yard-side milkshake.

The morning we left we had a butt-crack-of-dawn flight to Brisbane from Melbourne, which turned out wonderfully because we got to see the sunrise over Australia.

...And we got to start our trip hanging out in 007's house next to the Brisbane River.

Mr. 007 is our Australian James Bond -- he also goes by the cover name, Damian, when he feels like being incognito.

Starting our days with Vegemite on toast, mimosas, and watching boats go by was a pretty fly way to start our first real Australian "holiday."

Brisbane by day is as amazing by night.  The skyline is probably even more stunning once the sun goes down.

There's 007, our amazing host, in the flesh.  Damo treated us like gold when we stayed with him.  We went out for dinner, drinks and even had an American style BBQ.  It was the week of July 4th so we felt we had to embrace our roots and show him the American way.  

He was kind enough to entertain our antics.

One night we hit up happy hour along the river with one of Amber's friends, Nicole, who happens to be a former 


Small world.

After a few days living the James Bond lifestyle, we caught a bus (the private jet was already in use) to Byron Bay, a city I can best describe as Breckenridge, Colorado by the ocean.

There were surf shops, ice cream parlors, people running around barefoot, beach-themed bars, and dread-lock donning hippies walking around everywhere.

The hostel we picked,

Aquarius Backpackers

, was probably one of the best I've stayed at over the years.  There was an event in the hostel bar every night, the rooms were

über clean (which is rare to find in your average backpacker-pitstop these days), and the bar opened super early for the World Cup matches happening at the time.

We got pretty tight with our roommates that week over cheese ball fights, bar crawls, and human pyramids just about anywhere we could pull them off. 

It was a little chilly that week, but it didn't stop us from going to the beach as often as we could. 

Our girls, Gemma & RaRa lookin' like beauty queens.

Then there's Johnny, our resident entertainer, chauffeur, and fried chicken.

Human pyramid #1 -- we had to play into the whole cliché hostel experience.

I will not deny for one single second that I was checking out the Aussie surfers whenever I could... isn't that one of my visa requirements?!

One afternoon we decided to take a


group walk up to Cape Byron Lighthouse.  What this actually entailed was Amber and me run-dancing up to the top and everyone else not giving a crap that we were acting like idiots.  We thought they cared, but they didn't.

Human pyramid #2....

Johnny loves it.

Goose, I hate to break it to you...she's a pothead now.

On our last day, we tried to get as much sun as we could...

...then we found this hottie and he kept us burning all day...


Another beach babe....who turned out to be in the mafia all along.

(We may or may not have played at least 47 games of 


that week)

Oh, we saw the Australian

So You Think You Can Dance

cast members in the airport that night -- a show to which we got absolutely addicted when we were funemployed.

On the plane ride back, Em & I had the flight attendant announce that it was a special someone's birthday at midnight.  We got a few hip-hip-hoorays out of the other passengers and a giggling Amber ready to celebrate.

So when we got home we did just that... LaLa style.

We made birthday breakfast for her the next morning and enjoyed the day like all beauty queens should.

Byron, I'll keep you.  You're pretty fantastic.  

See you again, sooner than you know.

Peace, love and rock & roll,