Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road!  What a glorious day.

Even though it was ages ago, I'm pumped to recount the day that really felt like we were living in Australia (it's actually funny how often we forget). 

That morning, Em, Amber, Nicole, Nina and I got our first rental car -- aka the first time we had to drive ourselves on the other side of the road (we were  freakin' terrified).  We loaded up on gas, snacks, that clutch Melbourne coffee and hit the road.

Driving on the left side wasn't actually as scary as I though it'd be.  We only had a


freak outs, but didn't die so....we good.

Although we didn't make it all the way to the Twelve Apostles, the drive

 was one of the most stunning things I've ever experienced.  We had a leeeedle too much fun checking out a few quaint towns, Erskine Falls & secret koala trees along the way to Torquay.

Whoooops, we gave the cockatoos a few hot dogs.  Sorry sign.

Seeing this sign never fails to make me giddy.  Kangaroos are absolutely better than deer.

There's a neighborhood along the drive to Torquay that has a few trees that you can apparently find koalas hanging out and getting high on eucalyptus.

WE FREAKING FOUND ONE!  Seeing a koala awake in the wild is hands down one of the most unreal things you could see.  Apparently they sleep 20+ hours a day, so seeing one awake and eating is super rare.

Then we got to Torquay at happy hour so... we had to rock-paper-scissors for who was going to drive back.

But then there's Santa smoking a pipe...

Amidst hilarious conversations on the drive back, we decided to stop in the middle of nowhere for all of us to lay in the road and look at the stars in the pitch black away from any city lights.



Twelve Apostles, I'm coming for you soon.

Till then...