The Slopes Down Under: Mt. Buller


What an interesting experience at Mr. Buller in Au-freakin-stralia.

No joke, I had no idea you could ski/board in Oz until about two months into my time here.  Thanks to my mate, Ben, I got to experience a day on the slopes how them Aussies do.

Obviously you can't go snowboarding without HEAPS of energy.

We hit the road super early (Ben knows what's up when you want a full day on the mountain) and drove through the "bush" of Victoria as the sun came up.

For breakfast, 'scuse me,


we hit the hot spot for all the mountain hot shots.

Then ate some cookies with the Keebler Elves.  Nah, just kidding... they were muffins.

As we were driving up to the mountain, there was barely any snow to be found until the "car park" (see translation:

parking lot

, hahaha okay you get it).

The parking lot was nothing like at Breck's Peak 8 (best lot ever...G$ knows) when you sometimes have to push your car out of snow during the dead of winter.  This snow felt like an exotic mirage you see 40 miles into the desert. 

But alas, it was there!

Throughout the day we had a grand ol' time jumping from the backside of the mountain to the park to the pub...whoops. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day.  Felt like spring skiing in Colorado.

Mt. Buller actually reminded me of Bromley Mountain where I grew up skiing and snowboarding in Vermont -- small, friendly, family mountain vibe.

Thug lyfe, obviously.  

(Gram, I'll explain what that means next time I call. Haha.)

Maaaany thanks to my girl, Dana, for letting me borrow her gear to make the dream real!

And this guy who was a fantastic host, boarding buddy, accent tutor & twerk instructor (although, tbc...).

I DIED over the name of this lift...

...especially because I kept forgetting I was in Australia that day.  

This flag helped remind me, too.

Gnarly day with a gnarly dude!

(Sorry I talked about Colorado so much...I think I have a crush on it. Ben, you best come visit me whenever I'm back there so I can return the flaava.)

Later days,