HOW could you give up bacon!?

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Don't doubt for one second that I used to love the taste of bacon back when it was an integral part of my regular Saturday morning routine -- pre-veganism. And how about a glass of wine... it obviously comes paired with a cheese platter while you're enjoying a warm summer day. Better yet, a cold, wheat beer has basically been designed to partner with Frank's Red Hot buffalo wings & creamy ranch dressing when at the pub watching Sunday afternoon football.  

This is the story of how I willingly chose to give up these tasty treats for good -- don't worry, not the wine & beer -- as I forge my path towards better health, a smaller carbon footprint, and a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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"Is it hard being vegan? Do you miss meat? Where do you get your protein? Isn't it expensive?"

Big lifestyle changes come with big questions.  Learning more about why veganism exists and how the inter-twined aspects of this diet is crucial, not just to answer those questions, but to feel empowered in choosing a more aware, switched-on existence.  I have no high-horse to stand on (insert animal cruelty joke here hahaha), but I merely want to share with you why a bacon-loving, cheese addicted, chicken wing obsessed fiend would consciously give up some of her favorite things to join the movement towards making this world a better, more sustainable, healthy, equal, just, and sensical place.

I am an environmental vegan. I am a dietary vegan. I am an ethical vegan.  I'm all of it.  No reason outweighs the other.  I will share with you what I've learned about each of these elements, where I got my information, and how the whole puzzle is pieced together in this lifestyle choice.

This is only the beginning.  Thank you for reading.

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