A, B, See...

I used to associate Sundays with homework and the awful feeling of an approaching, long week ahead. Nowadays, Sunday is one of the best days of the week simply because of


and the inspiration and hope that Frank Warren gathers through secrets mailed to him anonymously.

During my travels, I love observing a city's charm through its street art, graffiti, random bathroom stall messages, strategically placed signs displaying a funny or confusing expression, and even eye opening facts through projects like The

Earth From Above

photographed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. I often find that looking past the big, beautiful architecture, you can tell a lot about a place by the details written between the cracks to find a copiousness of self-expression.

As I scroll through the weekly postcards Frank chooses for any given Sunday, my mind wanders through a variety of emotion. I have found myself laughing (out loud and often by myself, which makes me laugh even more), in tears, stumped, freaked out, grossed out, guilty, confused, ashamed, amazed, empowered and often pleased as the patchwork of secrets are unveiled. My snapshots are nowhere near what Frank has been able to harness but I have been compelled to capture a variety of statements over time that made me stop and think, or just smile.

Another stunning community project I stumbled upon (and already posted on Facebook) was a project created in New Orleans by Candy Chang. As seen


, an old abandoned house was turned into a giant art project for passersby to reflect on the meaning of life in solidarity with others. It truly took my breath away.

P.S. I'm a huge quote hoard so you'll see a ton woven through my newborn blog project. (Hopefully it'll end up being a cute baby!)

While traveling through Lesotho, Southern Africa, visiting Meg, an amigo in the Peace Corps, my friend Emily and I  found this subtle quote pinned up to the board in the PCV office. It caught our eyes and I figured it was worth sharing


This beautifully painted portrait (By Alie Muolo, Jesuit Volunteer) left me speechless. It's perfect and says so much.

Snapped this while climbing Mount Kinabalu with my college roommate, Chelsea, in Malaysia (highest peak in Southeast Asia -- booyah!) Definitely will never forget it.

Grammar is not Asia's forte when it comes to street art, restaurant menus, and signs in and around various establishments. Does provide for a good laugh, though.

Remarkable. This was taken while exploring the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Not sure why exactly, but this ancient stone actually made me stop and stare. There is faded Vietnamese lettering underneath the new generational markings if you look closely [in person] -- and I mean, UP close. Photo taken in the caves of Halong Bay, Vietnam.

It's simple, but makes a solid point. Snapped this one in the cleanest city in the world, Singapore! 

Don't even think about chewing a piece of gum there, the thought may even be illegal!

The good ol' Beatles. What better place for this quote other than Bali, Indonesia?

Ever since I was a kid, I always noticed fascinating sidewalk carvings beneath my feet. I secretly always wanted to plant my face in the sidewalk -- my Hollywood version of the hand prints, I suppose. Michael Scott from "The Office" beat me to it. This was also taken in Bali, Indo. Dreamland: one of the greatest beaches in the world.

Nuff said.

This photo, as well as the one above it, were taken in the women's bathroom at Sawasdee House near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Nothing like some down-to-earth reading material while you freshen up.

Fashion, photography, and the Olsens. Perfect trifecta.

Took this in an Urban Outfitters in "Nawlins," Louisiana.

Stone wall tribute to Elvis outside the Gates of Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee.

Even the King looks good as a cartoon, don't you think?

Full Moon Party, Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand. Priceless experience.

If this was the definition of an existing verb, I would use it every single day.

 Here are a few of the earth shattering facts (no pun intended) displayed alongside the photographs at The Earth From Above exhibit when it was on tour in Bangkok, Thailand:

These jaw-dropping statistics are the juice that revs my engine to get out there and get moving to make a change. They serve as great reminders to continue being thankful for all that we have and to be a little less selfish every day.

Couldn't help myself...but at least someone else gets it too.

I whole heartedly disagree.

Love and laughter, Kelsey

P.P.S. Sorry for such a lengthy post! They won't all be this long, I promise!