Animal Kingdom (Part 1)

"Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and 

makes it so much larger and better in every way."

- John Muir

This past week, I received a beautiful gift from a little friend of mine, Meggie, whom I babysit regularly. She told me about how badly she wants me to take her to Africa to ride a giraffe and bring home a baby elephant. We're working on the logistics of this endeavor, but I know we can make it happen. In the mean time, I'm gathering some of my favorite animal pictures from around the world to show her what incredible creatures I've seen along the way.

I didn't realize the variety of animals I had come across until I started sorting through the photographs. From wild animals to zoo animals, I have been fortunate to acquire a taste of the Animal Kingdom's assortment. Unfortunately/fortunately, I have actually been able to get a nibble of a few of these animals (I will leave this information out of the stories I tell Meggie, don't worry) as you can see 


 -- some were tastier than others.

Since I have found such an array of pictures, I decided to split this post in two in order to not leave any four, six, two-legged buddies out of this. So, here is part one...come back for another bite on Wednesday and check out part two!

{Kruger National Park, South Africa}

{Chiang Mai, Thailand}

{Cancun, Mexico}

{Duke University, Durham, North Carolina}

{Schotia Safaris Private Game Reserve, South Africa}

{Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia}

{Monkey Forest, Ubud, Indonesia}

{Bloemfontein Zoo, Bloemfontein, South Africa}

{Nongnooch Tropical Garden, Thailand}

{Monteverde, Costa Rica}

Goats Do Roam

{Fairview Cellar/Vineyard, Stellenbosch, South Africa}

{Bloemfontein Zoo, Bloemfontein, South Africa}

{Butterfly Farm, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia}

One of my FAVORITE YouTube videos of all time: Funny British Animal Voiceovers... 


 I promise it's the laugh you need to start your Monday off right.

Love and Laughter, Kelsey :)