That's What She Said

Michael Scott, Dwight K. Schrute, Jim & Pam Halpert, Kevin, Phyllis, Angela....these are some of the characters from one of my favorite shows of all time,

The Office.

In several episodes, pardon me, almost ALL of the episodes, Jim plays some sort of prank on Dwight. Aside from Michael Scott's perpetual "awkwardities" (feel free to add this new word to your vocabulary repertoire), I cannot get enough of the shenanigans Jim constantly pulls on Dwight. I have grown to love these antics so much that I actually was inspired to create an edible master piece that was relevant to a specific episode.

As I mention in

this post

, I will find any excuse possible to bake, be creative, or mix a combination of the two. Rob, a new friend of mine just tied the knot this past weekend. We constantly shoot The Office banter back and forth when we see each other. He asked me to make him a cake when he saw this 

cheeseburger cake

 that I made a few weeks ago. So, as a wedding gift for him, I decided to make an "Office-themed" present. With several trial and errors (yes, I totally included the screw ups like I said I would--it's hilarious) I thought of the perfect cake idea for this Dunder-Mifflin-loving groom.

I tried to make the cake blue, referencing the traditional wedding line: "Something borrowed, something blue." I also

did not

tell him anything about the cake other than it was Office related making the reveal so much better.

If you have no idea what I am talking about and/or do not watch the show: 

1. Start watching it A.S.A.P. 

2. Click here for a


 to help you understand what's going on below...


Second try...

The Bride and Groom.

I mean, he walks in unknowingly wearing a matching shirt. 

Come on, this cake was pretty much on point, I'd say.

Love and Laughter, Kelsey :)

P.S. Piece of advice: The firmer, the better. That's what she said.