Ac Fui - "I was there"


would probably be the perfect word to describe this past weekend. I had my five year high school reunion and had an incredible time seeing old faces I haven't seen in a while. Just walking through the halls of the school was eerie enough. Catching up with old friends I felt as if I had sat next to in class just yesterday was mind-boggling. I have been fortunate to have been able to keep in touch with a lot of my high school friends, but it was so great seeing the ones that slipped through the cracks. I laughed until my stomach hurt (throughout the entire night) making me wish the reunions happened more often. I am still shocked that five years have passed since we strolled through the halls of our all girls catholic school causing mayhem in plaid skirts. 

A few weeks ago, our former Principal, Sr. Jean Baptiste, passed away bringing up some nostalgic emotions. Her passing, however, brought us together just a short time before the reunion. She was always very adamant about us learning to embrace The Ursuline School traditions. The motto of our school was "Ac Fui," translating to "I was there, I was a part" in Latin, which is inscribed on all of our class rings. Her presence at the school can still be sensed immensely even though she is gone physically. The education we received would never have been at the caliber it was if Sr. JB hadn't imparted her wisdom on us. For that, I am extremely grateful. 

Waking up with a sore stomach, caused from pure laughter and hysterics from the night before, I headed to the Mamaroneck Harbor Fest with my friend, Suzanne. It was the ideal Sunday afternoon activity. We strolled down the blocked off, main street of town consumed with hundreds of local residents, vendors, bands and activities. The air smelled great -- full of ethnic foods, sweet treats and incense. It was a perfect people watching opportunity, one of my favorite time-passing activities. We only stayed briefly, but it made me excited to explore fairs, festivals and flea markets more often once I move out west.

I am really looking forward to spending more time outside as the weather continues to flourish. There's a few adventures planned around the corner. Can't wait to share them with you as they happen. Enjoy these pictures for now :)

{Self timer gone wrong. One of my favorite mishap pictures.}

{Camera propped on a mint container. It totally worked.}

{Having a glass of wine with our latest Principal. Dream come true.}

Harbor Fest, Mamaroneck, NY

{I may have a slight obsession with dream catchers}

{Personal Favorite: Dad's Pot Pot}

{Slam Dunk!}

{The colors flooding the vendor stalls were enjoyably vibrant}

{Rockstar in training}

{Fun for all ages}

{Suz looking like a movie star}

{Horchata! Reminds me of the Vampire Weekend Song}

{Festive flags for a festive day}

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

- George Bernard Shaw

{Roasted corn is my FAVORITE summer treat. FYI: Long Island has the world's best roasted corn.}

{Edible stick of gold}

 Love and Laughter, Kelsey :)