City Escape

Whenever I want to catch up with an old friend or get to know a new one, I typically go to New York City (by default) and find a nice spot to sit down, chat and have a drink. Yesterday was a bit different. My college friend, Paulina, just returned from teaching English for almost a year in Bangkok, Thailand (our friendship homeland). She is departing for Italy in a few days where she will begin her next adventure -- I swear, you can't pin any of my friends down in one place for very long -- and I wanted to make sure I saw her before continents separate us again.

Luckily, Paulina lives close to me in the 'burbs so we decided to meet at

Mohonk Mountain Preserve

 for a catch-up-on-life hike. Unfortunately, though, because of traffic we could only spend a brief time together before she had to leave for her evening arrangements. When my cousin, Sean, asked earlier in the day, "Why are you going hiking on a Tuesday?" I replied, "Why not?" He goes, "Good point. Can I come?" So, even though Paulina wasn't able to stay for a mild trek, Sean and I found an astonishingly great adventure through the woods and mountains of New York. We both agreed how unexpectedly incredible the views were that we stumbled upon with mere directional luck.

This awesome little trip was a great way to spend a sunny, warm afternoon after a long day at work. Mohonk has, in fact, been on my "To Do Before I Leave" List for months now, sooo I decided to take advantage of the weather and finally hit the trails. I'm


happy with the way our meandering turned out because, fortunately, we were able to get to the "Lookout Point" we had been searching for just in time for sunset. Other highlights were meeting a slow, waddling porcupine along the way as well as gazing at a scarlet wood pecker hard at work. I'd say it was a pretty successful voyage.

Come back for Friday's "Five Things" post...I will be sharing the next few things I want to (and will) do before my time in New York is up. Hope you enjoy these photos for now!

"The world you desire can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it is yours. Color your life."

- Ayn Rand

Love and Laughter, Kelsey