Running Wild

While I was out for a run last week, I decided to redirect my route towards the trails on which I used to train before the cross country season began. I spent countless mornings winding through the woods, fields and marshlands near my house attempting to get into better shape during the hot summer months. After getting a much needed break from running, I've recently rediscovered my love for the liberating, solitary escape as I step away from reality and into a mind-wandering freedom.

During the aforementioned run, I meandered down to the marshlands (as I have done so often before) and I suddenly wanted to smack myself in the face. Why haven't I been down here lately? Why haven't I brought my camera? Why haven't I shown this to anyone else before? All questions zooming through my mind at once. I let myself off the hook when I realized that this place has served as




personal running niche away from everyone and everything. To give these trails


credit, they have truly helped me regain a mental and emotional balance as I have faced my share of challenges. It seems like the right time to share this nook with all of you now.

The entrance of these marshlands is a mere half mile from my house but extend out to the Long Island Sound where several mini islands are accessible to walk and run along. As I was well into my run, I noticed the way the afternoon sun fell peacefully on the boats and glistened on the calm water. I was breath taken. I stopped suddenly and took in the entire atmosphere.

After some time passed, I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for a little picnic on the beach. The next thing I thought to do was sprint home, grab a bottle of water, a sandwich and my camera. I did not want to miss the sunset, of course, pushing me to get back to the deserted shore as quickly as possible. I snapped some shots of the wildlife and scenery along the way. I laughed to myself as the deer were completely unaffected by this out-of-breath, sweaty girl trying to get a decent close-up shot of them.

I enjoyed a fantastic solo picnic as I stretched my muscles and watched the sun go down. There were moments that I wished I wasn't alone, but I actually grew to appreciate the time I had to reflect and breathe with just myself. If you haven't had time to spend with YOU lately, I highly recommend it. I left the marshlands feeling incredibly content. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Since it's Monday, I'd love to share a little pick-me-up song that's added a skip to my step lately.

Christina Perri sings

this terrific song

that I've been playing on repeat. She has an incredible voice and her lyric video is mesmerizing and perfectly crafted. Hope this starts your week off right :)

TTFN... Ta Ta For Now,