There's A Place

"Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between between man and the universe."

~ Anatole France

Road trips and similar adventures call for good company, good music and good conversation. This past Memorial Day Weekend, I had an abundance of all of these expedition fundamentals as I roamed through Canada with my long time friend, Emily. Our trip began on a spicy note when we traipsed into

Anchor Bar

(Buffalo, NY) where the first Buffalo wings are claimed to have been invented. With burning mouths and full stomachs, we headed straight for Niagara Falls, just across the border. The incomprehensible scene of The Falls rushing water was mesmerizing and utterly unforgettable. Make sure you get there before you die if you haven't yet, it's unreal.

The next destination was Toronto, where we met several travelers from around the world who unexpectedly made a huge impact on us during such a brief period of time. Our small party of two became a the perfect trifecta when we enticed a quirky British bloke, Liam, to join our pack. Our road trip was instantly enhanced with his presence.  Once our gang of three stooges took off, we headed towards Montreal with a brief pitstop in Ottawa for dinner.

When we arrived in Montreal, we knew we were in for a treat. The night life, casino, architecture and French flare all work in perfect harmony to create a unique, urban atmosphere. Although the weather wasn't ideal, we made the most of our time there and encountered some hilarious situations. When the time came to move on, we gravitated towards the breathtaking capital, Quebec City, for our last stop. We unanimously fell in love with the city making it nearly impossible to leave. The view over the Saint Lawrence River was stunning as our ears were filled with the soothing melodies of a street performer's saxophone. It couldn't have been more picturesque. I kept thinking, "Wow, I really feel like I'm in a movie."

I have been fortunate to have seen a lot of incredible places over the past few years, but I still don't think I've found "my place" that is so compelling that I need to belong there forever. I have several cities that I hope to live in in the future, but

my nomadic mentality may get in the way of making any one place my permanent home. I'll just have to keep wandering until it clicks. Here are a few snapshots from the weekend that made me miss traveling and wandering more than ever. Enjoy!

Bata Shoe Museum


That's mah gurl.

An eerie yet peaceful lake we drove past on our way south through Maine. 

Moose count: 6ish (it was dark)

I can't even fathom its magnitude

{Niagara Falls, Canada}

Just incase you have the tremendous urge to take a dip

Doesn't get much better than that

Apparently a girl once survived The Falls when she fell off the edge in a wooden barrel. 

Can you imagine?

Habitat '67

. Reminds me of Lego's and building blocks.

The architects seem to be grown up boys, good for them.


The pub at which we watched the UEFA Champions League final.

Barcelona vs. Manchester United.

The afternoon reminded me of World Cup fever severely. Great spot.


Our British captive, Liam. He survived 5 days with two looney New Yorkers. 

Definitely wins the award for most cooperative hostage ever.

Fontaine de Tourny

across from the Parliament Building of Quebec City

Braving the rain

{Quebec City}

Even the dreary rain couldn't stop us from loving the city's charm

Just because...

Can't speak a lick of French, but it was fun pretending I could.

{Quebec City}

They stayed strong through the rain storm.

My favorite aspect of traveling is not having a time frame and letting the events happen on their own accord.

{Quebec City}

Closest thing to a bird's eye view. The ladders on top of the buildings remind me of Mary Poppins.

{Quebec City}

I definitely fell in love with this lookout point of the Saint Lawrence River. How could you not?

{Quebec City}

Such a tou


{Quebec City}

Largest city in Canada. Having fun seems to be inevitable there.