Do Not Fear Risk

Two weekends ago, several of my friends and I went on an excursion to

Atlantic City

, New Jersey (what I call America's Las Vegas of the East Coast). We had all been wanting to venture there for a while and one of our friend's birthdays was the perfect excuse. We pretended to live like high rollers for a few days and enjoyed the dazzling lifestyle of casinos and gambling.

Some of us won, some lost. Either way, we risked a little money for an entire weekend of unforgettable memories. At first, I attained some winnings, which fluctuated for most of the weekend allowing me to prolong my fun with the casino's money. I ended up breaking even, which was fine by me. It was very interesting, though, to get a sneak peek into the life of a gambler. Addictions, like gambling, can be a serious problem but we were lucky to have skimmed the surface with our minimal bets -- that were still hard to part with -- and just had some luck-of-the-draw fun.

During the day, we needed a break from the dark, neon slot machine-filled rooms and took advantage of the beautiful weather outdoors. We moseyed down to the over-crowded beach to catch some rays and recharge for another night of flashy, energetic escapades. The weekend turned out to be a perfect balance of fun, celebration and relaxation as we escaped from the familiar surroundings we have all grown so used to at "home."

{Beautiful bayside view from our hotel room at



{A little patriotism just before The 4th of July}

{Great dancing in a chic atmosphere}

                     {Pool by day, club by night}

{About half of our group. Looking like celebrities, eh?}

{Chaotic boardwalk}

{Travis and Meghan}


Gambling or not...always remember:

"Large gains require significant risks"

I'm no astrologist but if you're feeling unsure of something today...just take a risk. 

You win some, you lose some...but it's better to have tried and lost than not have tried at all.

"You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully 

when we allow the unexpected to happen."

- Paulo Coelho

Love and Luck,

Kelsey :)