Honda Indy Toronto

On the last day I was in Canada, Liam and I decided to check out the Honda Indy of Toronto. I had always wanted to go to a NASCAR-esque event and this was the perfect opportunity. As soon as we arrived at the track, we heard cheering and the quick zoom of racing engines. We had to walk all the way around the massive track to find a viewing area that wasn't crawling with hundreds of spectators. Fortunately, we found a spot that was along a "quiet" back strip of the track that we could see the cars pretty close up as they sped by. It was another sunny, great day and perfect for this outdoor event. I'm really happy we found our way there because it was a thrilling first-time experience.

{There was a showcase of "hot" cars inside the main exhibition room}

{Free unlimited supply of Dr. Pepper -- dream come true}

{The winning car!}

{Keep dreamin'}

While we watched the race we heard there was actually a decent collision somewhere on the track. 

We weren't sure what was happening until we caught it on youtube. 

Here's footage of the crash

-- too bad we couldn't see it in person. 

(The driver was fine, don't worry!)

Happy Hump Day!

- Kelsey