Winesday Wednesday!

I spent this past weekend at the beach in eastern Long Island, New York, with some family and friends enjoying the weather. The heat and humidity, though, were close to unbearable. To escape the sun's fury, we decided to cruise over to one of the many vineyards that make up the spectacular 

Wine Country

 on the Island and soak in the adorable air-conditioned atmosphere. My Aunt and Uncle are members of the wine club at

Sherwood Vineyards

 in the hidden gem of Jamesport. To put it simply, we had a



My friend Alyssa (of

Savoir-Faire Style

) and I roamed around the property and fell in love with the rustic design of each room. The barn out back was filled with antique pieces that we both agreed were to die for. Being in apartment-decorating mode, I couldn't help but let my imagination get the best of me. Some of the pieces were gorgeous; I would be in heaven if I could ever call one of them my own.

The best wine of the flight was definitely the white merlot. We learned that the wine is white because they peel the skin off the merlot grapes before continuing with the rest of the fermentation process. The afternoon brought me back to memories of the wine tasting I did in Stellenbosch, South Africa (one photo featured


). If you've never gone wine tasting, get on it asap!

I used to turn on 

Kathy Lee and Hoda

, on the "Today Show" while I was at work... 



 their wine and they always crack me up, "Red wine is like exercise in a glass."

Kathy Lee uses


to carry her wine and never shows up anywhere

empty handed

. Perfect!

Happy Winesday!



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