Red Rocks and Rattlesnakes!

Say hello to one of the coolest features of Denver...

Red Rocks

! It's claimed to be "the only naturally-occuring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world." World renowned artists and bands have performed there since it opened in 1941. When you first pull up, the panoramic view is stop-the-car stunning. Once you use every ounce of energy you have to make it up the what seems like millions of stairs, you walk out into the open amphitheatre and just soak in the scenery. It's perfect really, you don't even have to talk to the people you're with because they, too, are dying of a lack of oxygen (apparently we still haven't acclimated and aren't in super marathon shape like everyone else here) and can just look around as you try to catch your breath.

Since living here in Denver for the past two weeks, we've already had three guests, going on number four today. It's such an incredible venue that you can't help but want to show off to people visiting. Because some pretty amazing talents have performed there, they created a great interactive museum that displays the history of Red Rocks and its awesomeness. As soon as we saw Red Rocks for the first time, we had to, of course, look up the performance schedule and immediately bought tickets for a 1964 Beatles Tribute concert. It's coming up this week and we're really looking forward to seeing the venue up and running, let alone rock out to The Beatles all night.

Oh and by the way, we almost had a little run in with death when we went hiking in the area....see below.

{There's aerobics classes and boot camps people participate in daily here, it's health-tastic}

{I can't even


what it's like during an evening concert under the stars with great music and close friends. Add it to your bucket list immediately.}

{The museum lists every show ever performed at Red Rocks in the

 museum underneath the amphitheatre}

                           {Can't wait!}

{Corny but necessary}

{This one is dedicated to Lorraine and Al}

                {If you squint really hard, you can try to see Timbuktu, I mean, the Denver skyline}

{One day when we stopped by they were setting up for

The Unity Tour featuring 311 & Sublime with Rome. Pretty cool to see.}



 English goon is back}

{We tried to find some Dino fossils but umm...big fail}

{Just hanging out...on a rock}

{Not even posed, I just caught them like this}

{I think they thought this was a Top Model photo shoot or something}


 Welcome to the West, Kelsey, really.}

{Just an awesome sandstone formation}

{One of our many "Hi, Mom" photo series}

{Liam had just jumped from the top of that massive rock on the left and didn't break anything.

We were so proud of him. No not really.}

{Jump! Jump! Jump!}

{View of the Rockies when you're driving up}

{And we stopped the car, cause it was that good.}

Hasta la vistaaa!

- Kelsey

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