R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. (part 2)

After leaving Minnesota, Nick and I had a lot of driving ahead of us. To break up the monotony of the long road, we stopped at "perfect" road trip landmarks you'd want to see smack dab in the middle of America. I have always said I want to stop at bizarre places along the way because, well, isn't that what a road trip is all about? We somehow managed to find the "World's ONLY Corn Palace" and took a hard turn to make sure we didn't miss this once-in-a-lifetime pitstop. Yeah, it really exists.

Once we had gotten our maize fix, we pushed through to Rapid City, South Dakota to ensure we caught one of the Nation's most incredible monuments: Mount Rushmore. It just so happened to be Rally Week in Rapid City so we caught a glimpse of the lives of bikers, which actually ended up being pretty stressful. A packed car + additional blind spots + gangs of bikers constantly passing you = ANXIETY! Luckily, neither of us harmed the Harleys zooming by...the bikers survived our presence, too.

South Dakota was surprisingly beautiful and I definitely want to go back sometime in the future. Wyoming was also pretty gorgeous, but we didn't make any big stops because we were so eager to get to Denver. Fortunately, the stunning views kept us in awe as we made our way through the wide open land to our final destination. 

HILARIOUS story coming to you Wednesday about the first few hours in our apartment. You can't make up these kinda things, it's pretty jaw-dropping.

{As soon as we pulled up and I saw the notorious faces, it actually took my breath away}

{Seriously, good job Gutzon Borglum. I bet he got an "A" in art class.}

{I never imagined you could get this close}

{Which one of these things is not like the other ones}


{Can't even tell you what state this was taken in}

{Don't be fooled, that's not the palace made of edible golden ears...}


Corn Palace

walls are actually redesigned every year.

The museum inside was relatively interesting. It's been around since 1892!}

{Popcorn in the corn palace, typical}

{Irresistible, eh?}


{Looks like an old western town they show in the movies

plus the awesome convertible for good measure}

{Nick and I drove separately so I got a little bored at times and snapped some photos of the views}

{Rapid City, South Dakota}

                    {We accidentally took a wrong turn which took us along train tracks

                    through an awesome valley}

{Perfectly groomed fields somewhere along the way}

{At some points, I thought we would never get to the end of the road}

{May or may not have been a mirage}

{Nothing goes better together than good music, windows rolled down

 and a long relaxing drive -- sans 390183 bikers}

{Not the best picture but WE MADE IT TO DENVER!}

Always an adventure,


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