The Flat Irons

I'm baaaaaack! Sorry I missed so many posts the past two weeks, it's been pretty chaotic with classes starting and filling up my free time with way too much fun. So, I'm kind of not sorry. Haha, just kidding! Although now there are plenty of charades to fill you in on for the next few weeks.

Before classes started two weeks ago, a few of my friends and I went to Boulder to do some outdoor adventuring. We started at one location where Andrew, our pro-climber bud, wanted to show us some rock climbing routes. In order to get to the wall we had to cross a "rushing" river, which was enough fun in itself. Almost all of us made it across but our friend, Laura, had trouble getting her dog, Bear, to cross the river.

So...The guys (Andrew, Matt, CJ and Nick) decided to stay and rock climb while us chicks (Laura, Liz and me) took our adventure elsewhere to make sure Bear could be a part of the fun, too. I got to see where the guys were climbing before we went to another location and snapped a few photos of Andrew's very impressive climbing skills. Liz took us to one of her favorite hikes at Chautauqua Trail at some mountains called the Flat Irons. It was absolutely amazing along the way and the view at the top was beyond stunning.

{Just the drive to get to our first spot}

                        {The terrifying rushing river we had to forge. Yes, we caulked the wagon.}

{Matt belaying, CJ betraying. Nah, I just wanted to rhyme.

He was documenting -- doesn't rhyme as well.}

{Andrew being a baller at climbing}

{Some wild animal}

{Did I mention that he climbed that wall to put up rope for everyone else?



 any rope supporting HIM!}

{Apparently it's not a big deal so I should stop freaking out that he can do that.

Toooootally playin' it cool.}

{Where we brought Bear for the "Girls Hike"}

{Yeah, I'll say it. The guys missed out. BIG TIME.}

{Where are the cows?}

{Nice panorama of Boulder}

{If you squint really hard, you can see Denver. No, don't hurt yourself. You really can't.}

{Seeing snow when you're in 80+ degree heat is like eating an

 ice-cream cone under water or something....horrible metaphor}

{Liz and Laura's dog, Bear}

{Laura and the wild beast}

{Very impressive rock climbers....jealous yet, Andrew?}

{Pensive...and thirsty}

{Tell me that's not crazy!}


{Making our way down}

Hope you liked it! Plenty more to comeeeee!

Love, Peace and Chicken Grease,


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