Labor Day in Wash Park

This past Labor Day weekend was just way too much fun to describe. The weather was amazing, the amusement never stopped and the company was perfect. With my sister, Shannon, in town visiting, we made sure to show her what real Denver fun is like. Nick, Shannon, our awesome friends from Iowa and I spent Monday in Washington Park (nicknamed Wash Park) all day and just soaked in the rays over a few games of volleyball, kanjam and catch phrase.

As the summer wraps up and fall begins to set in, reality comes to the forefront. Grad school starts today! I'm thrilled for classes to start rolling, get to know the people in my cohort and begin the adventure that the next two years will encompass. University of Denver's campus is beautiful so I'll have to snap a few photos to share with you all soon.

                          {My [younger/taller/skinnier] sister, Shannon}

{Katie, I'm talkin' to you. Yellow head, I'm talkin' to you.}

{Hashtag Shelly. She's trending.}

{Everyone in Denver is insanely active. It's contagious



{My Kanjam arch-enemy, Ben}

{Kanjam = a mix between frisbee + slamming your trash into a garbage can}

{A rim-rim-rim Trey}

{KT, is birthday weekend really over?}

Happy Hump Day!


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