Next Time, Don't Forget A Lunch

Last week, Nick's brother, Mike, was in town for a few days and we decided to take advantage of his outdoorsy motivation to explore. We drove to a park about an hour away and hiked for a solid five hours. Seeing as it was our first time


hiking in Colorado we figured that a water bottle, a pair of sneakers and a camera would be sufficient equipment for this trek. After waking up [way too early] after a night out on the town, we realized how wrong we were about ten minutes into our hike.

Mike and his friends who were professional hike preparers (really they just had common sense) had camelbaks, trail mix and sandwiches -- all of which we lacked -- but we still managed to have an amazing time regardless of our light headed, stomach rumbling trance. We just saw it as us enjoying our

post-hike burritos

more than everyone else. Honestly, no complaints was a great


 way to kick off our outdoor altitude adventures.

{Oh, hey Mike}

{The Pros: Mike-Lizzy-Joe}

{Catching a breath: Joe-Nick-Ethan}

{The funnier Miano brother. Just kidding, Nick, totally kidding}

{Married couple mantle picture!?}

{This looks like it's a scene from right out of the Bible}

{Pensive: burrito or tacos?}

{Iron Man ... Lorraine should be proud}

{This guy wanted to join our party at the top}

{Next horror movie idea: The Trees Have Eyes}

{It's the

Eye of The Tiger


Hope you have a glorious and oxygenated Monday...



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