What's in my camera bag?

You don't need the highest end photography/videography equipment to create incredible visuals and stories.  It's taken me quite some time to accumulate these tools, but each one has a special place in my P&V repertoire.  Different adventures often call for different cameras, so I've been careful to select which ones I'm adding to my camera bag.  My collection has come a long way from the disposable camera era (can't wait to tell my kids that I was around for that!), but I'm always trying to learn and improve my skill-set wherever I can and with whatever equipment I'm using.  Some of the best advice I ever received when it came to filmmaking and photography was, "It doesn't matter what you're shooting on, just remember: Learn. Make. Repeat."

Canon 5D Mark iii

This is, hands down, the most beautiful camera I have ever touched or owned. It takes crisp photos and stunning videos.  It's perfect for photographing my recipes as well as capturing vibrant clips during my travels.

Rode Video Mic GO

If you want to capture crisp, clear audio, but can't afford to buy an expensive microphone, this is your winner!  It captures excellent sound clips and provides the audio I need when interviewing or recording sound effects.

GoPro Hero 4

I have had this GoPro for a while now and I have yet to be let down.  My Hero 4 always captures the footage I need no matter the circumstances.  I can take it on underwater adventures or up to the mountains when I'm hitting the slopes with friends.  It's incredibly versatile and always gets the time-lapses I need for my travel videos.


Telesin 6" Dome Port

Never under estimate the power of underwater photography with a GoPro.  Ever since I got this Telesin Dome Port, I have been very pleased with the footage.  A normal GoPro pole often leaves water droplets on the case where the lens sits and often ruins many of my shots.  The Telesin Dome Port has allowed me to capture photos and videos below, above, and halfway beneath the waters surface.

DJI Mavic Pro

What a crazy, amazing tool for photography and videography.  Ever since I stepped up from the DJI Phantom 3, I have been blown away with DJI's creation.  They never fail to impress me on what they can pack into a small space with capabilities like the Mavic Pro.  A three axis gimbal, 4k video, compact storage, follow-me modes, and obstacle avoidance all packed into something the size of your lunch!  This drone comes highly recommended!

GoPro Karma Stabilizer

My footage when from zero to hero when my boyfriend and I invested in a decent stabilizer.  You don't realize how impactful smooth footage can be until you see what your videos look like without the shaky movements.  The GoPro Karma feels very futuristic when you use it, but for good reason!  It helps you capture footage like the pro you imagine yourself to be!

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