Top 5 Must-Dos in Edinburgh!

There are trips that you plan on your own, and then there are trips that are meant for visiting friends to get a peek into how they live their lives.  On a random summer road trip to Canada, my best friend Emily and I met a quirky Scottish guy, Jamie, who has been excellent about keeping in touch with us as the years go on.  Always interested in visiting Scotland, I finally had the chance to accept Jamie’s invitation to visit him en route to Africa for my summer internship in Ghana.

We spent four awesome days exploring Jamie’s stomping grounds and seeing what life is like in the green, kilt-adorned, amazingly accented, Harry Potter-esque, Scotch-drinking country.  Jamie planned an excellent itinerary, surprising me as soon as I arrived by taking me on a boat ride to Bass Rock – a rock that looks white from afar, but is actually just covered in a ton of bird crap.   It was rainy and windy, but that actually added to the hilarity of our experience.

Jamie also took me to some of his favorite spots in Edinburgh: The Dome where I got to experience “High Tea”; The Elephant House café where J.K. Rowling actually wrote the Harry Potter series; Edinburgh Castle where I was able to learn more about the history of the country; and, to some unique bar spots like Frankenstein’s and Pig* Cave Bar*** where we had way too much fun.

Scotland is such a magical place. I’d love to revisit it so I can learn more about the Scotch making process (and drink lots of it!), see Glasgow, and visit some of the many castles Jamie noted "felt even more like Harry Potter" than Edinburgh’s alleyways and caves.

I’m telling you, making friends all over the world and keeping in touch definitely has its perks.  I owe Jamie a huge thank you for being such a great host and tour guide.  Now it’s his turn to come visit me (wherever I may land) so I can return the favor!

Kelsey PowellComment