24 Hours in Singapore

I sort of feel bad for Singapore.  I spent only two days there and got a very limited, sterile impression that has negatively perpetuated over time.  Each time I talk about my time in Singapore (which really I don’t even feel I deserve to do after 48 wee hours), my experience seems to worsen.  It’s not really Singapore’s fault that my friends and I missed our flight to Bali.  And it’s through no blame of Singapore that its culture comes off as a blend of several other Asian cultures without its own emerged traditions. Lastly, there’s no logical reason to blame Singapore for being so clean and as I mentioned earlier, sterile.  If anything, that’s a highly desired quality for a city, isn’t it?

Frankly, Singapore is probably an awesome city.  My view of the place just happened to be tainted by previously explored, more exciting, diverse metropolises with their own culture-centric identity.  I’ve spoken with tons of people about Singapore, possibly giving off the “I don’t really want to talk about my ex-boyfriend right now, but since we’re on the subject lets just talk smack for a while” type of vibe, but realizing more often than not that it's actually got a lot to offer.

I’ve met people who rant and rave about this country-city.  There’s really nowhere like it, even if it is a melting pot of Asia’s finest attributes.  It’s a place where people come for tons of business reasons, excellent food, and beautiful skyscrapers – if that’s what you’re into.  The one cool thing that I actively give props to Singapore is the amazing ice-cream sandwiches sold on the street.  Literally, a sandwich (with bread) and ice-cream in between.  It had me cracking up like Amelia Bedelia had a literal influence on the literal delivery of this dish (she comes from a kids book that emphasizes her literal interpretation of everything).

Anyways, Singapore will definitely get another visit from me seeing as one of those fountains in the local mall contains a coin with a special wish attached that holds the weight of allowing me to keep traveling the world forever.  No pressure or anything, Singapore.  Don’t worry; you’ve done well so far.  I’m one lucky globetrotting girl.

Kelsey PowellComment