How to Save for Your Big Move to New Zealand - Part Three (The Trilogy of Saving)

Hey, kiwi savers!  I’m so glad you made it this far!  You’re one last step away from figuring out how to save as much money as possible for your epic move to New Zealand.

If you haven’t yet read Part One and Part Two of this money-saving series, then go back and check them out.  They're the building blocks of these cash flow exercises.

Here’s a brief summary of what we learned in Parts One & Two:

·      How to calculate your Magic Number

·      How much you earn and how that translates to how much you can save

·      How to calculate your NZ Number

·      How much you need in New Zealand before you board the plane

·      What factors to consider to boost your savings target

You only have one exercise left and a bonus list of how to earn a little extra money on the side.

Beware of little Expenses,.png

Exercise 5: Look for extra opportunities to pull in cash

(Smeagol’s Frugal Finances)

Aside from your normal working hours and regular paycheck, you can speed up the savings process or just add some cushion to your pushin’ by picking up a side job or getting clever with how you use your free time.

We have a few examples of what you may consider for some extra side cash:

·      Freelance writing. Websites like Blog Mutt, Upwork, and Toptal will offer money for blog posts and articles for writers with all types of writing backgrounds

·      Freelance design work. 99 Designs, Upwork, and Freelancer are great for some side work if you’re a talented designer.

·      Post on Social Media that you’re keen to help people with random odd jobs.  People always have random jobs they need done to make their lives easier.  You never know who will give you $200 for cleaning out a painfully disheveled garage.

·      Sell stuff you don't need. More often than not our closets are a gold mine for extra cash.  Look at the clothes, shoes, accessories you haven’t worn in over a year and consider selling them.  If you’ve gone through a year of four different seasons without wearing something even once, it needs to go.  Local thrift shops are usually very willing to give cash for items in good condition.

·      Look at Craigslist or any other online community forum for people looking for help. consider babysitting, walking dogs, cleaning (it’s a great workout), or washing cars.  Remember: If you want those lakeside beers in New Zealand, you gotta work for it.

·      Bartending/serving.  A night job two to three times a week can be decent extra cash for the pile, plus, it can be really fun if you work somewhere with a good vibe.

Being in control of your own money.png

There are literally thousands of ways you can make extra money for your move to New Zealand.  This is just to get you started thinking about it.  Dedicating a little bit of your free time to earning extra money will be über worth it when you land in New Zealand and you’re ready to do every activity and see every beautiful site.

Set your phone and computer backgrounds to photos of New Zealand, put a photo at your desk or in your car visor, or even send yourself a daily reminder.

Antisocial Money.png

I never forgot I was moving to New Zealand (neither did anyone else around me), but those little visual reminders I set for myself helped me remember why I was working so hard and that the end goal was 1000% worth it.

If you need to, re-visit these exercises along the way and see if any tweaking is being done that may change your magic number and your NZ number.  Ensuring you’re on track to save enough is crucial.

By the time you leave home, you should have a few thousand dollars in the bank and a renewed sense of adventure ahead.

You will have busted your ass, scrimped, scraped, and saved your way to an epic chapter abundant with smiles, laughter, awe, and content.

New Zealand awaits your arrival, so get your buns saving!

I have one last note to leave with you as you embark on your money making voyage.

It’s a mantra I want you to say to yourself whenever you’re about to spend your hard earned dollars pre-New Zealand:

“Do I really need it?  Will I use it?  Can this money be better spent in New Zealand?”

Do I need it.png

Say this to yourself before you swipe your card for absolutely anything.

Remember: The more you save, the more freedom you can have in New Zealand.  You can do this.

Leave a comment below to let us know how your money saving efforts are going!

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