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Hey, I'm Kelsey.

Thanks for stopping by my little blog here -- this “peace craving,” virtual platform.  You are most welcome!  I have been in a relationship with this blog for 7.5 years now and it’s been, like any long-term partnership, a very tumultuous journey.

I have written and re-written my “About Me” section at least 15 times over the last few years, because, like any human being, I have changed, morphed (unfortunately not like a power ranger), and grown tremendously since this blog’s inception in 2010.

What I can tell you, first and foremost, is that it's one of the most important things I have ever been involved in or created.

What still stumps me is how people possibly figure out what to say here in these "Bio" sections.

How the hell do they genuinely summarize what they’re all about so the reader feels connected enough to come back to the content? I’m still not really that sure, but we're just gonna go with it.

I suppose I could start by telling you that I'm pretty obsessed with traveling, especially when it involves culture, adventure, and exploring.  It's my favorite type of therapy, drug, pastime, hobby, and lifestyle.  The world is fucking beautiful and it's meant to be seen.  People around this planet are beyond intriguing and the way they live their lives completely fascinates me.


I could also tell you about how much I dislike the world I came from in the U.S. (not a surprise if you've met me) - my "roots," I guess.  I grew up in a materialistic, shallow, misled, money-hungry, brain-washed lifestyle, which I left behind in New York and traded for fresh air, kindness, balance, and more like-minded values in New Zealand that align with the world in which I believe I belong.

I should probably mention the people who have come and gone in my life, the people who have stayed, the people I have kicked out, and the people who have fought their way in permanently.

Or, I could tell you about my history of abuse and the pain and torture I encountered from a young age and endured until quite recently -- yikes, slow down, Kelsey! Don't scare them away. I could also tell you how I made it stop for good all while breaking away from some toxic members of my family. Traumas and dramas, am I right?

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Then there’s the stamps I’ve collected in my passport, the educational path I have experienced, the body issues I’ve encountered, the crazy variety of jobs I have worked, the boys who have broken my heart, the hearts I have broken, the girls and guys who have been there for me through the best and especially the worst, the eye-opening revelations I’ve had, the places I have lived across the world, the times I have fallen off of things, the times I have jumped off of things (usually with a bungy cord attached), and the parts of life with which I have fallen in love.


Wait. Should tell you about my obsession with hot sauce or my recent decision to go vegan and join the community of eco-warriors orrrrr…..hold up, maybe I should just show you on this thing. I guess that’s the whole point of a blog, isn’t it? 

Stay tuned... Craving a Peace is an ever-evolving, reflective mechanism that's also here to help you in your travels and self-exploration.

I'd like to make this world a little more peaceful whilst finding more inner peace as I recognize the beautiful moments, the people and experiences that help me grow, and the lessons that I learn through life.  The more real we are about our experiences, the more we're all connected and peace can spread.

Thank you For being here.