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I'm so Happy You're here!

I know you have a million other things you could be doing with your time right now, so I cherish the fact that you've chosen to visit my blog and that you've wound up on this page.

If you're on this page, it may mean you're looking for a change.

It may mean you're ready to live a life of purpose deeper than you already know.

Or, perhaps you are tired of struggling with your health, your weight, and/or your relationship with food.

You may also just be saying, "What the hell is this vegan stuff all about?"

By choosing to be here, I believe you are choosing to not be alone in the confusion, the angst, the frustration, the unhealthy thoughts and behaviors that may torment you.

As a woman with a past full of body hatred and food obsession, I struggled to find a way to love myself, my body, and my relationship with food.  That is, until I learned about veganism.

The moment I learned about what it means to be vegan, my relationship with food, my body, and the world shifted into a place I never thought was possible.  I found inner peace and, honestly, self-love, which translated into a wildly purposeful relationship with my food and with the world.

Veganism, in my opinion, is the answer to nearly every single problem on this planet.

If you're thinking, "Wow, this girl is crazy," that's awesome.  Crazy is what makes change in this world.

Start where you are and we'll walk together.

You are most welcome here and I will serve you in any way that I can so you can live your healthiest, most compassionate life possible.

The sooner we start working on ourselves, giving ourselves compassion, the more we’re going to see it come out in the world around us.
— Melyssa Griffin

Articles that may interest you

Documentaries for the Veg-Curious

These documentaries changed my life.  If you are interested in learning and uncovering what this health-crisis of our time is all about, check out this article to find the documentaries that depict perfectly what's really happening around us and inside of us.

The Cost of Being Vegan

Ever wonder if it's more or less expensive to buy vegan food?  We wanted to know too, so we kept track of our groceries for two weeks while we asked our non-vegan friends to do the same.  The results of this small scale experiment actually surprised me!

The Truth About Eggs

Ever wonder why vegans make such a big deal about giving up eggs?  Chickens make them anyways and hens can live without them, so why can't we just eat them?